majestic unicorn
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you glow.

you glow with your bad self.

you light up the whole damn room.

Yes, you, Wonder Woman. You can do this. You can feel better and be whole.

I can help. I teach and practice ancient lost healing arts. They help. I know, I know, lost healing arts sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie - just hang with me for a second. We’ve lost some things, some super basic, integral knowing kinds of things. We don’t know how to feed ourselves anymore. We don’t prioritize care, not foo-foo “self care” crapola like toxic pedicures, but serious, nourishing self-care … actually taking care of our minds and bodies and hearts … we suck at this as a collective.

Hold up though (no negative self-talk!) because it’s not your fault. Our culture perpetuates a belief system where grindingly hard work, tireless striving and the acquisition of more stuff is considered success. We are literally taught (especially women) that to care for ourselves well is to let others down, to ask for help (and to be well supported) is to be selfish, and that we have no agency over our bodies (which, by the way, serve to bring pleasure to others only).

I call bullshit.

Time’s up and we’re making changes.

(good news: it’s simpler than you think)

All you have to do is take exquisite care of yourself (and vote, and advocate, and spread the word!). That’s where lost healing arts enter the picture. Feed yourself well. Nourish and protect your creative powerhouse, your womb. Find community. Breathe. Move. I love you. We can do this.



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