Earth Boots.*  


Welcome to the tribe.

Except there are no wise ones, no elders, no ceremonies, no sacred spaces, no guidance, no one is there.  In our culture, many of us are ALONE on this journey.

I had enough personal knowing and tenacity to do birth my way.  I was also resourced enough to spend the first three months of my son's life in bed, at home.  Nursing.  Learning how, and going ever so slowly.  Experiencing the profound joy of learning about my changing body (I read the entire volume of the La Leche League's timeless publication, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding), and sinking deep into the exhaustion, the joy, the BIGNESS, the pain of mastitis, the bliss of a full five minutes in the shower.  

If you've been there, you know the drill.  Nothing can prepare you for it.  

You thought you knew - and then discovered you didn't.  

You had a relatively smug attitude when you saw those moms at the grocery store barely holding it together ... You thought, that poor woman.  That won't be me.  I won't do it that way.  I won't have those problems.

And then you find yourself in the grocery store one day and your heart blows open and every smug look you ever gave, you want to take back - desperately.  Because you just didn't know.  There's no way you could have known, it's designed that way.  

Now, you ask if you can help her.  You offer support.  Can I buy you a cup of tea?  Gentle conversation - you're doing great.  You've got this.  You are radiant and amazing, you offer encouraging words to her.

That's the beauty and the irony.  

That's the magic and the monotony.

Welcome.  You're here.  You get the duality.  You get the rawness in your heart.  You get the instinct to protect and shelter at all costs.  You discover your inner warrior.  Your fierceness.

Boom.  It's serious.

It's meant to be.


In this culture of isolation, pretty pretty pictures, patriarchy and medicalization of women's bodies, many of us never ever fully process and connect with that BIGNESS.  We aren't blessed by a rite of passage into motherhood.  Heck, we aren't even blessed by a rite of passage into womanhood as young, impressionable girls.  Many of us never ever walk in our bodies feeling beautiful, empowered, supported and like the work we do as mothers (and as women) is valid, magical, and important work - critical to the planet.  Critical.

So, I take inventory.  What are my personal superpowers and how can I use them to create change at the root level?  

Feeding the mamas, nourishing them.  Uplifting the women.  When we support women, we support communities and families get stronger.  Strong, diverse, loving, smart families are the cure to all that ails us.

That's what majestic unicorn is all about.  It's about creating space, opportunities, support systems and empowering resources for women.  

I'm all about the food and I believe that if we are fed better, more nourished at a cellular level, we all make better choices, feel better and are more able to live freely in these bodies, in this world.  

My focus is on the food.  I want to de-mystify it.  De-food-network it.  De-drive-through it.  

I want to bring food back to where it belongs: in your home, in your kitchen, on your stove, on your countertop or table.  

I want to help empower all of you to fearlessly get out a big pot, throw a bunch of good stuff in it, and make some really excellent body and soul medicine for you and your family.  I want you to do it as often as you can, with all the love in your heart.  It will change your life.



current offerings

vaginal steaming

I'm excited about this amazing, empowering, non-invasive method of feminine self-care.  Click here to learn more. 


broth lessons

If you're interested in learning the basics of bone broth-making, sign up for a broth lesson here.  Broth Lessons are one on one learning sessions where you learn the basics and walk away with a customized healing plan that includes bone broth as a keystone.  I walk you through the entire process and you walk away knowing JUST what to do.  I'm also super excited about launching my first online educational offering - Badass Broths 200 - for the NEXT LEVEL kitchen witch or wizard interested in upping their bone broth game.  (It will be exciting to do a live webinar with a baby strapped to my chest - lol!)  Join my email list at the bottom of the page to be kept current on offerings!

about kathleen

I believe in unicorns.  I believe in the magical healing power of women gathering intentionally - men too for that matter.  I believe in belly laughs, and in walking your talk.  I think motherhood is the most exalted position I could EVER hope to achieve.  I believe in mama bear energy, the clarity that comes from long walk & talks through the woods, and bathing in the moonlight.

I aspire to attend farmers' markets in Paris on a weekly basis, travel back in time to meet Queen Elizabeth I, and be invited to dinner at the Barefoot Contessa's house in the Hampton's.  

I think passion trumps balance every time.  

I live in Asheville, North Carolina with my sweet, sweet, tall, tall, good, good man, all of our children, one dog, and one cat.  Currently, I'm deep into my postpartum time after the birth of my second child this past July.  We're enjoying all that the crisp time of the New Year has to offer: renewed commitments to health, wellness and love first, opportunities for growth, lots of soup-eating and sharing chilly evenings around the fire pit with chosen family and friends. 

Life is good.  If anyone tells you differently ... be suspicious. 


*(I got this phrase from Kimberly Johnson, a self-proclaimed "yogini nomad, bodyworker, doula, postpartum women's health specialist and single mom." She uses the term "putting on my Earth Boots" to describe the experience of becoming a mother.  I think it's wise, witty and wonderful, so I've used it here).