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Magical, magical, magical.

Thank you for this life.

I believe in unicorns.  I believe in the magical healing power of women gathering intentionally - men too for that matter.  I believe in belly laughs, and in walking your talk.  I think motherhood is the most exalted position I could EVER hope to achieve.  I believe in mama bear energy, the clarity that comes from long walk and talks through the woods, and bathing in the moonlight.

I aspire to attend farmers' markets in Paris on a weekly basis, travel back in time to meet Queen Elizabeth I, and be invited to dinner at the Barefoot Contessa's house in the Hampton's.  


I live in Asheville, North Carolina with my two brilliant and whimsical children, ages one and ten. one dog, and one cat, one very introverted ball python.  Currently, I'm honored to be serving my community locally through ancient lost healing arts and globally through my virtual class, Comfort Food.  I’m deep in a space of re-visioning of my life as we enter into this inward and reflective season of winter. I am looking forward to quiet contemplation, festive fire gazing, breathing in the scent of evergreens, and mugs of warm beverages shared among chosen family.

Life is good.  If anyone tells you differently ... be suspicious. 

Dinner by firelight with my Dad at our family "cabin" (made of concrete blocks) in North-Eastern Arizona. Boy did I love him. Boy do I miss him.

Dinner by firelight with my Dad at our family "cabin" (made of concrete blocks) in North-Eastern Arizona. Boy did I love him. Boy do I miss him.



My mother was a wannabe hippie, though she would never describe herself that way.  I grew up largely without processed sugar.  No soda, no canned foods, nothing in a box.  (Although, my dad would sneak us stuff when we were going camping or up to our family cabin).  Yeah, we had weird jars of dried mushrooms and strange nuts in the pantry.  We had giant bins filled with brewers yeast and barley.  Mostly, we ate a lot of pinto beans, but we weren't vegetarian.  I have a favorite memory of eating carob covered raw almonds while jumping on the couch, listening to Johnny Cash records, and thinking it was the best day of my life.  My mom used to grind her own wheat to make flour for bread.  (I thought everyone had an electric flour mill on their back porch ...)  Mama Gail still puts chili peppers in everything (spaghetti sauce is no exception), and while she's transitioned from her beloved jalapeno to strictly Thai chilis, heat and flavor from chilis is still at the root of her cooking.

I made "soup" for my mom one day in fourth grade.  She was an assistant principal at the time, and that was the year I began taking the bus home after school all by myself, so I had some time alone for making mischief in the kitchen.  I found the small glass jar of chicken bouillon cubes and some fresh beets from the fridge.  I cut those beets up into cubes and popped them into my simmering bouillon mix and I was done.  Viola!  Soup. 

When she arrived home and tried my "soup," she ooohed and aaahed.  She asked for seconds.  I'm pretty sure the beets weren't cooked - she raved.  I was overjoyed.  Success!  And so began my love affair with cooking.  Thank you mom, for supporting me that day.  I'm quite certain my passion for food and nourishment happened because of this sense of freedom and ease around the act of creating.  You mirrored that.  You saw me making something special just for you, and even though it probably tasted strange, you received my offering with a full and grateful heart.  

I paid attention everywhere I went.  When Mindy's mom, Anne, was baking her famous chocolate chip cookies, I asked questions and watched carefully.  (Mindy was my childhood best friend, we were inseparable)  Salt?  In Cookies?  Hmmm, noted. 

Food influenced me tremendously.  I saw it as a way to communicate love.  I noticed how I felt when I sat down to a carefully prepared meal.  I saw my mother cooking, not from a recipe book, but from her deep inner passion.  I knew where to go for sweetness and consistency (to Mindy's house and to Anne's cookie jar), and I began to notice **food** as a love language, although I wouldn't be able to articulate that for years to come.


Alternative Healing & Food As Medicine

I suffered from chronic allergies that rendered me useless in my late teens.  I would wake up to eyes sealed shut and snot pouring down the back of my throat due to seasonal allergies.  I was told by my primary care doctor at the time that I need not worry - we'd find the correct drug eventually and then I could just take IT for the rest of my life.

I was horrified.  I was definitely searching for the convenient answer, but something deep inside knew that being on A DRUG for the rest of my life didn't seem like progress.  My aversion to what I now call the Medical Industrial Complex led me to a Naturopathic physician, Dr. Theresa Ramsey, at the ripe old age of eighteen.  From Dr. Ramsey, I learned how to treat the underlying cause of my physical symptoms and have remained allergy free, and loads more aware, to this day.  I also went on to work for her and was a witness to the magical healing properties of good nutrition, careful nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes.  I watched women who were told they would never conceive become beautifully pregnant.  I watched diabetics move off of traditional protocols and into a space of personal ownership of their condition.  I watched the chronically depressed become well.  I watched hormones balance.  I saw everything become fixable, and the way in which quality of life is essential to optimal health and wellness.  

This experience was my entry to natural healing modalities and cemented my personal value system around the body and it's innate wisdom.  I knew that my body was wise beyond my knowledge; here was confirmation.  I watched the traditional medical models fail my fellow humans, and, as a result, became committed to ongoing learning and care of this earthly body of mine.

It was around this time that I began experimenting with making broths - not because I knew anything about the actual nutritional components, but because my body craved something that broth had to offer.  The flavor, the warmth, the gentleness, the home-in-a-cup feeling broth gave me.  My intuition told me that this food must be deeply nourishing because I knew my grandmother's grandmother would have made something like it.  It was only years later that I began to understand just how the nutritional profile of bone broths is actually so profoundly healing.

I was fortunate enough to see Dr. Christiane Northrup speak in Phoenix around this time also.  I read her GIANT book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and that was the beginning of my activism around women's health.  The things she had to say were monumental, earth-shattering, soul-quenching things ... how could I not be moved?

This knowledge led me down the path of natural contraception when the time was right.  It led me further down a path to home birth with midwives and doulas as care providers when the time was right again.  And now it has led me to where I am today:  in Asheville, North Carolina, with a deep desire to care for women - improving overall health by elevating pelvic health.

Elevate the women - change the world.


"Working with you felt so powerful. I'm impressed. You are so wise."

/  jenny b., barnardsville, nc  /



I am the owner / founder and Mama Bear of Majestic Unicorn, an Asheville, NC based lifestyle brand dedicated to nourishing women.

I practice and teach lost healing arts to women who are seeking nourishment on the physical, psychic, emotional and soul levels.  

I am a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and my B.A. is in Early Childhood Education.  I also have four children (two biological, two step)! 

I'm deeply passionate about mothering, and providing approachable, pleasurable healing tools for women during every life phase.

As a graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, I have learned to integrate pleasure into every pocket of my existence and I bring this mindfulness to my work.  I scoff at the notion that, as women, we must compartmentalize our sensuality, and instead I advocate for a holistic approach to engaging with and expressing, our extremely fertile, luscious creative potential.

I have been a guest teacher at the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, and my writing has been featured by HuffPost and numerous other media outlets.  I teach classes all over Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, and my private practice is in Asheville, North Carolina.


institute for integrative nutrition
2015 - health coaching certificate


mama gena's school of womanly arts

2009 - graduate of mastery program

hand in hand parenting
2012 - facilitator training


arizona state university

2003 – b.a. elementary education: early childhood credential, magna cum laude


So deeply and graciously appreciate you.

/  grace, asheville, Nc  /