Walk this way ...

Calling all sisters, mothers, daughters, wives and dear ones.  We’ve settled on a location for our upcoming beautiful bad-ass Desire Map Workshop.  

We’ve rented an entire b & b in a sweet little urban neighborhood in West Asheville.  I like to call the house “Zen Station” because even though it’s properly centrally located with easy parking, it’s set waaaay back from the street, and surrounded by mature trees and some springing natural beauty.  The interior of the space is sweet, a little artsy, open concept and cozy.  When Emily and I saw it we both felt the good vibes and easy serenity of the space.

Our weekend will begin with a special bonus event Friday night - a small ritual blessing and purification ceremony with a delightful special guest.  The official Desire Map Workshop portion begins Saturday, April 11th and flows through Sunday, April 12th.  This is not an overnight retreat - it’s a day-light-hours kinda jam session.  

Included in your registration fee is attendance at all weekend events, The official Desire Map Workbook, gorgeous and nourishing catered organic lunches on Saturday and Sunday, as well as coffee, tea and a variety of snacks and beverages during the weekend.  We’re going to sprinkle our time together with special guest visits from our favorite local massage therapist and gifted divination workers from a variety of modalities.  We’re excited to introduce you to our tribe of majestic unicorns and explore the territory of feelings together.

Our primary intention is to create a safe space for exploration for you as we set about uncovering our Core Desired Feelings and working through the Desire Map Curriculum.

The timing looks like this:

  • Friday, April 10th: 6:30pm - 8:00pm - ritual ceremony
  • Saturday, April 11th: 11am - 5pm - Desire Map Workshop
  • Sunday, April 12th: 11am - 5pm - Desire Map Workshop

Please email me with any questions!

And if you'd like to visit our "space" on the official Danielle LaPorte website (for books, truthbomb decks and other cool stuff), click here!