Superfood Hot Chocolate

SuperFood Masquerading as Hot Chocolate Recipe:

SuperFood Hot Chocolate for (1):

- 1 packet Raw Cacao Bliss*

- 1 Tablespoon Raw Honey (to taste)

- 4-8 oz. Whole Milk (or milk of your choice, I like grass-fed whole cow's milk, raw, if I can get it)

- Pinch of Cayenne (for adventurous grownups :)

- Dollop of Organic Heavy Cream

- Sprinkles of Raw Cacao Nibs

If you're using the Cacao Bliss individual packets, massage the packet with your fingers for about 1-2 minutes before opening it up.  This warms and combines the butters a little bit.  (They can be lumpy and not well combined if you just open them up).

Find your favorite mug, one that feels really good in your hands.  Boil some water and fill up your mug with the hot water to pre-warm it as you prepare the other ingredients.

If you're adding freshly whipped cream to the top of your beverage, prepare the cream now.  Pour about 1/4 of a cup of heavy whipping cream into an ample bowl.  Add a splash of your beautiful 100% real vanilla extract, I like Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla from Nielsen-Massey.  Get your whisk and roll up your sleeves.  With quick, purposeful circles, whip the liquid until it thickens.  It will take 3-5 minutes.  Try to refrain from using your electric mixer if you have one.  The act of personally whipping your cream adds a bit of your personal life-force to it, your love. :)  Once the cream is to your liking, set aside.  (Resist the temptation to over-whip, the cream should be supple, not rigid).

Gently heat your milk.  I go really slowly with this and use a whisk and just stand there and stir.  The goal is gentle heat.  You want it warm enough to combine beautifully with the other ingredients, but not so hot that it is scalded and scalding :)

Once your milk is heated to a temperature of your liking, pull it off the heat and reserve it.

Empty your chosen mug of the hot water.  Squeeze your Cacao Bliss packet into the mug, followed by a generous scoop or pour of your favorite Raw Honey (and a pinch of cayenne if you're using it).  Pour your milk on top of these and stir it all to combine.  If you have a fun affirmation to make the whole process of stirring and combining a little more magical, go ahead and say it - out loud.  Something as simple as "Let me be lively" works beautifully.  Let it be organic, but bless your cup if you can.

Once thoroughly stirred, take a dollop of your cream and pop it on top.  (Be sure to lick the spoon).

Sprinkle with Raw Cacao Nibs and bow your head to the magic of SuperFood Hot Chocolate.

Enjoy with someone you love!



*(This is a product name. The individual packets make this recipe super easy and insure that none of the super expensive raw butters in this recipe go bad while you wait to use the rest. The product is made by Artisana Organics, but is basically 1/2 organic cacao butter & 1/2 organic coconut butter)