Dear Grown-Ass Men of the World,

I am not your protector.

I have lived most of my life worried that I might offend you, take up too much of your space, accidentally breathe your air, or somehow disappoint you. 

I have fiercely protected your inadequacies.

I have paid dearly for your insecurities.

It is time that you join the human race as an equal.  Because you are.  

You are a lover, a shepherd, and a gentle son.  Today is the day when you lay down your iron facade of perceived and real influence.  Today is the day when you exhale all of the secret code you unintentionally breathed in as a child.  Every moment your tears were stuffed.  Every time you were told to "buck up."  Every opportunity when someone quickly skipped over an emotional topic with you.  

This is the day.  This is the moment.  Today you can be free.  

We are not your protectors.

We are your allies.  We work together.

We are the fluidity and grace next to your solid generosity.

We see you.

We know you.

And we've missed you.

Thank you for finally dropping your rhetoric.  Thank you for inviting in the vulnerability.  Thank you for swinging the pendulum back in the direction of reality.  We needed that.

We need you.  All of you.

We need you embodied.  

We need you standing.  

We need you doing the emotional labor, right alongside us.  

We need to see you, you men, and know without question that you are good and trustworthy.  That you are FOR us - all of us.  That you have ceased to be a victim of circumstance.  That you are responsible for, capable of, and passionate in your stance:

More wisdom.

More gentility.

More tears.

More spaciousness.

More awe-inspired participation.

More loving, unsolicited support.

We had all grown weary with sadness and doubt, uncertain that you could handle this birthright.  But we see now that you can.  

I can see it in your eyes and in your toes and fingers.  I hear the electricity in tips of your hair.  I feel it as you step forward.  Ready.  Helping.  Fearless and vulnerable.  Fierce warrior kindness.  

Shift it.  Change it.  This power dynamic isn't serving anyone, least of all you.

We are seeking your embrace.  

Your warm, strong embrace.  

The one that smells like the earth ... like rocks and salt.  Solid things.  Certain things.

Please and thank you.



A special P.S. to all of the grown-ass men out there who are already doing this work:


We all see you and feel you and love you and want you to keep on sharing and spreading the really real truth about what it looks like, feels like and sounds like to be an embodied man.