Bone Woman Medicine

~ a FREE webinar about how to thrive through winter with bone broths ~

thursday, october 25 @ 11:00 am, EST (via zoom webinar)


there’s a warm, dark part of you that smells winter coming…

It knows to gather, to summon protection, to bolster the physical, emotional and spiritual body for the coming season of cold. The shifting season invites us to turn inward, embrace our deepest knowings and the most primal and potent medicines. 

Bone medicine.

Bone broths are saturated in wisdom. Wisdom for every cell, every pore, every neuron, every breath, every heart beat. If you've had questions about why bone broths are healing, and how to integrate them into your routine, this is the class for you.

(This is not a cooking demo class - this is theory and conversation, science and story).