Caring for the Yoniverse

a FREE webinar all about Vaginal Steaming

monday, december 10 @ 12:00 pm, EST (via zoom webinar)


vaginal steaming is for people who believe in their inherent and magical reproductive powers, and their right to make choices and have autonomy around their health care.

What’s the Yoniverse?

It’s how I imagine our Universe, minus the influence of the Patriarchy. Women are honored for their creative prowess and are encouraged and supported in taking care of this energy. Men too, ALL THE LOVE for the men, but that’s not what this class is about.

My work focuses on people who seek natural healing as their birthright and as a powerful tool for prevention. The Yoniverse is just a metaphorical extension of that. It’s a place where we bow to the inherent beauty and wisdom that created each of us.

Specifically, though, this webinar is all an opportunity to learn more about the ancient practice called Vaginal Steaming that has been a cornerstone of women’s medicine throughout time. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions and to hear how steaming can help you.

I promise that engaging with me will help you redefine your relationship to your vulva, vagina and your reproductive organs.