Grocery Store Walk & Talk: 

Because the Grocery Store should be fun ...

It should be a place of vibrant color, exciting new flavors, reassuring scents and olfactory joy.

It should be a place of exploration, where you can touch and smell other regions of the world and have a moment of connection.

It should feel pleasing.  It should feel safe and abundant.

But a lot of the time it's not.  It's redundant.  It's rushed.  It's no fun.  It's stressful.  


I want it to be fun again.  

You want it to be fun again.

Let's make it fun again.


Many of us are on autopilot as we do our grocery shopping chores.  We stick to things we are comfortable with, things we know how to prepare... things we understand.

And yet, there's a crisis of misunderstanding.  There's missing information to bridge the gap between all of those books you've been reading, all of the opinions of well-meaning friends and family, and you.  Suddenly, you find yourself standing there, in front of the kombucha cooler, wondering what the hell on earth this stuff is and why should I pay $3.50 for a 16 oz. bottle?  The piece about "putting it into practice" can be really challenging alone in front of a cold case.

So much about the natural foods store feels confusing.

  • How does the bulk section work?
  • How does the hot bar work?  
  • Can someone help me find the supplement(s) I'm looking for?
  • What are tare weights and why do I care?
  • What about the meat?  What is this rating system you use and why should I care?  Which is more important: grass-fed or non-GMO?
  • What's the difference between the Non-GMO label and a Certified Organic one?
  • How do I know which coconut oil is the right one for me?  There are 20 different kinds!
  • What IS the difference between the high pH water and the Reverse Osmosis water?  Why even bother?  I drank from a hose and didn't die ....
  • Why would I choose one milk alternative over another?
  • What about butter?  What is going on over there with the butter?

The list goes on and on.  The questions are endless.  It can be completely and utterly overwhelming.

It can make you want to run out of the store screaming: "How did this get so hard and why can't I make it all make sense?"


That's why I created this monthly *FREE* event: to help eliminate the stress, fear and worry about the wildly beautiful and threateningly intimidating landscape of the natural foods store.


We'll look at and talk about:

  • Prebiotic and probiotic foods
  • Labeling, packaging claims, and what it all means
  • All of the Fats
  • The Bulk section
  • "Alternative" products & REAL food
  • How to shop like a Grocery Store Champion
  • Cleaning products: WTF is going on there?
  • (and anything else you're interested in, time permitting)



If the idea of navigating the Natural Foods Store from a place of power and joy is interesting to you, please sign up below.

 You'll be emailed details soon after registering.  

The Walk & Talks happen in Asheville, NC.


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