h o s t   a   b r o t h   m a k i n g   p a r t y !


what's a broth party?

You know, like a tupperware party - just free of BPA plastics and the pressure to purchase something.  

It's a learning party, an enjoying friends party.

How it works:  We choose a date and time.  As a Hostess, you invite as many friends as your kitchen will hold who are interested in learning more about Nourishing Bone Broths.  I arrive the day of with two pots of finished broth (appx. 2 gallons each), flavors that you choose, and materials to demo the preparation of my Simple Chicken Broth.  People show up.  We learn.  We giggle.  We sample broth.  We share stories.  It's nourishing.  It's empowering.  

WHAT do i get?

As a Hostess, you receive all broths from the demo that aren't consumed during the party.  You also receive the pot of Simple Chicken Broth that I prepare for the party, but has to slow cook on your stove for another 12-14 hours.  

All in all, plan to receive between 2-6 gallons of homemade, super nutritious, glorious bone broth.

Also, there's a special place in Valhalla for Hostesses of Broth Parties.  Just saying'.


whom shall i invite?

Your mom.  Your sister.  Your BFF.  

All of the people you know who are curious about nutrition.  Anyone who adores cooking an Do-It-Yourself-ing.  Any friends with children - Bone Broths are a go-to, must-have, simple staple for families in my opinion.  Your friends who crave robust immunity, friends who struggle with any kind of chronic illness.  Friends who are planning to become pregnant, friends who are already pregnant.  Friends who are in their Fourth Trimester.  Friends who struggle with meal planning.

Pretty much all of humanity can benefit from learning about Nourishing Bone Broths.  So as long as they are open minded and flexible about learning about animal product based Broth concoctions - you should invite them!


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hostess responsibilities

  • Invite your amazing people.
  • Bless and clean the space where we'll be working.
  • Light candles.
  • If having wine on hand feels good to you, then do that.  You can also suggest to your tribe a BYOB format if that feels better.
  • You'll need to have 1 large stock pot available for me to demo the preparation of Simple Chicken Broth.  (We use your stock pot because you're going to finish cooking and keep the broth we prepare.) 
  • I'll need one electrical outlet to plug in my crock pot.
  • You'll need enough mugs for your group to sample broths - I can bring some from home as well.  We can figure this part out together.
  • A good, large, solid cutting board. (I can bring mine if you don't have one).
  • I'll bring fresh, homemade bread and butter because it naturally compliments broth and makes people feel warm and fuzzy.

Ready to Host? 

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