Delicious, nourishing soups made with the purest ingredients and magical intention.

... Seriously

Not only do I use 100% organic, locally sourced whenever possible ingredients.  I also pray, bless, meditate over and channel specific needs-based intentions into all of the food I prepare.

This is intentional food, made just for you.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Soups & Stews

*ALL ingredients are 100% ORGANIC, and also LOCALLY SOURCED whenever possible.  I also choose to work with farmers who are passionate about purity and seek out NON-GMO solutions.  I only use raw materials I would eat myself, and feed to my own family.



Organic onions, garlic, fresh new potatoes and heaping handfuls of fresh spinach are sautéed together in grass-fed butter and raw coconut oil and pureed with local grass-fed cream and my own simple chicken broth.  Garnished with freshly grated nutmeg.  Local goats milk chèvre can be stirred into the blended soup for a delightful, nourishing feast. An invitation to throw open windows and doors and enjoy the brightness of Spring.


This bean stew, in actuality, contains only eighteen different beans, not seventy-two.  The idea though, is that every bean I can find goes into this one.   I call it the "sexy" stew because I think beans get a bad rap.  They are amazing, don't you forget it.  If you've ever had trouble with eating beans, give mine a try before writing them off completely.  I soak and sprout my organic beans before cooking which makes them highly digestible and less likely to cause any stomach or bowel issues.  I use as many of the following beans as I can get my hands on: pinto, black, anasazi, cannellini, red kidney, adzuki, brown lentil, red lentil, french green lentil, green split pea, black-eyed pea, mung, lima, great northern and navy.  The beans are gently sautéed with grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil.  I also add cremini mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes along with rosemary and bay leaf and simmer in my own simple chicken broth.  Delicious for an easy lunch or simple dinner.


Free-range, grass-fed, pasture raised chicken bone broth and chicken meat, yellow onions, fresh garlic, Celtic sea salt, black peppercorns, carrots, celery, seasonal fresh or dried chili peppers (if you desire), select fresh and dried herbs, and your choice of noodle (egg noodle, rice noodle or bean sprout noodle).


Organic onions, garlic, seasonal chili pepper and ground turkey are sautéed together in grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil.  Cumin, chili powder, dried rubbed sage and fresh rosemary are added with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  Chopped fresh bell peppers and fresh Swiss chard are added along with the soaked and sprouted mixture of white beans (cannellini, navy and great northern).  It's all simmered together in my own simple chicken broth.


SAUSAGE & LENTIL (with kale)
Organic onions, garlic, seasonal chili pepper and ground local pork sausage is sautéed together in grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil.  Cumin, chili powder, dried rubbed sage and fresh rosemary are added.  The soaked and sprouted mixture of lentils (brown, french green and red) is added to the sauté pot briefly.  It's all simmered together in my own simple chicken broth along with stewed tomatoes and bay leaf.  (Add fresh shredded kale (curly green, red, or Lacinato) for an additional $4)


Responsibly farmed extra jumbo shrimp* (16/20) are sautéed in grass-fed butter along with organic onions, garlic, a handful of fresh chives and a sprig of fresh dill, Celtic Sea Salt and fresh ground organic black pepper.  As they begin to pink-en up, I add my warm simple fish broth and threads of fragrant saffron.  Fresh, organic, heirloom tomatoes are added to the simmer.  An elegant, fragrant soup that can be served with any number of equally fragrant cooked rices.  (Cooked Organic Basmati or Jasmine rice available as a garnish for and additional $6)


Golden and red beets are oven-roasted in raw coconut oil with their skins on alongside organic Yukon Gold potatoes (* I believe in the premise that beneficial bacteria from the soil are our friends, and therefore are welcomed into the fold of soup-making).  Organic white onions and fresh garlic are sautéed in a mixture of coconut oil and grass-fed butter along with Celtic Sea Salt and fresh ground black pepper.  Roasted beets, potatoes and onion garlic mixture are combined, along with grass-fed, local milk and cream, and my own simple chicken broth.  The mixture is simmered and then pureed to create the beautiful, beloved, velvety textured ~ love ~ soup.  Perfect garnished with organic, grass-fed sour cream and fresh diced green onions.  (Garnish can be provided for an additional $6).


Roasted shredded chicken and my own simple chicken broth simmered with one pound of fresh shiitake mushrooms, fresh bunapi mushrooms, fresh diced garlic and fresh diced ginger root.  Simple.  Delicious.  Super clarifying and supportive.


Local, organic, grass-fed beef brisket is slow cooked and then pulled apart and added to the cooking pot along with diced yellow onions, fresh garlic and rosemary.  Sautéed together, along with fresh corn, haricots verts (those lovely thin, French green beans), fresh carrots and celery.  Diced roots of ginger, burdock and parsnip are added as well.  My own simple beef broth is added along with fresh tomatoes and soaked, sprouted, cooked organic hulled barley is added to the pot.  This is a heart-warming, slow and steady, solidifying, structurally supportive stew.  Good for bringing your energy DOWN to your roots and your feet.  Good for eating when you are considering something that requires careful assessment.  Good for helping       S-L-O-W you down in the most positive sense.




**Soups and stews made with medicinal broths currently need to be special ordered, please email me your preferences.  Current Medicinal Broth offerings: Mama-to-be broth, Fourth Trimester Broth, Brain Support Broth, Liver Support Broth, or Blood Building Broth.  Medicinal broths can also be customized, please email me with your requirements / health desires.