Comfort Food

Comfort Food


Four Virtual Lessons for Flavorful Broths

11:00 am, EST - 12:30 pm, EST

attend LIVE via Zoom, or watch the recordings!

  • Nov 16: “Of the Air” - chicken & turkey broth

  • Dec 7: “Of the Water” - fish broth

  • Jan 11: “Of the Land” - lamb & beef broth

  • Jan 18: “Of the Earth” - vegetable & mushroom broth

  • Jan 19: BONUS CLASS - how to use bone broth for your pets (dogs & cats)

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Defeated by “what’s for dinner?”

Ever get the feeling that you’re not doing it right? Like there’s not enough time? Like feeding you and your family well is just more stress on top of your already overflowing pile? I get it (110%).

The struggle is real and totally normal.

Good news: Feeding your peeps just got easier.

What’s more, feeding them deeply nourishing, immune enhancing, super tasty broth is what I’m gonna teach you to do.

Welcome to Comfort Food.

Four virtual lessons for flavorful, full-proof broth.

Here’s your personal invitation to slow the f*!k down, create less food waste and make broths that taste amazing AND support you nutritionally through winter (and LIFE, honestly).

During each lesson, I’ll demonstrate the preparation of specific kinds of broths. I’ll also share information about food energetics for each animal featured. (Food energetics is the concept that every food we eat has a specific temperament, and that you imbibe of that energy when you eat of that food.) Each lesson will also include recipes, tips and techniques, my favorite healing botanicals to include - and why, and time for live Q & A. As a participant, you’ll also have access to our private facebook group, where I’ll be moderating and cheering you on!

Here’s what to expect:

  • A format that is fun, approachable, and simple for EVERY home cook. While I love esoteric recipes, exotic ingredients and fun new kitchen gadgets, that’s not what this class is about. It’s about BASICS. You can expect the environment to feel welcoming and inclusive.

  • Four deep dive lessons and a special BONUS lesson at the end.

    • Lesson 1: “Of the Air” an exploration of winged creatures in the stock-pot. I’ll demo chicken and turkey and will touch on how to successfully create broths from waterfowl (duck and goose, for example) as well.

    • Lesson 2: “Of the Water” an exploration of water creatures. I’ll be demonstrating fish broth and will touch on other creatures of fresh and salt water as well.

    • Lesson 3: “Of the Land” takes a look at two of my favorite grass-eaters for making broth: lamb and beef. I’ll demonstrate each and will also touch on elk and venison (deer).

    • Lesson 4: “Of the Earth” is dedicated to veggies and fungi. I’ll demonstrate my vegetable broth and also my mushroom broth.

    • SPECIAL BONUS Lesson 5: “Bone Broth for Pets” will be a fun class about how to modify everything you’ve learned to make broths that are healing and nourishing for your dogs and cats. I’ll share specific herbs that assist in their healing and will also touch on some concepts of a natural diet for your canine and feline friends.

  • Every lesson will be loaded with recipes, and my suggestions for healing botanical additions.

  • Each lesson will explore the WHY behind WHY you’d choose to make broth from a specific animal for a specific ailment or condition, or constitution.

  • Lots of support from me, via the live Q & A portion of each lesson, and also via the private facebook group.

  • A re-kindled sense of joy and power around the preparation of healing broths for you and your family.

  • The feeling of belonging to a community of people who are sharing in the experience with you.



This chicken noodle soup is blowing the clothes off me, it’s SO fucking good.  I’m literally naked in my kitchen.  It blew my skirt and jewelry clear across the room.  Holy shit.  So goddam delicious.
— Kiley, Workshop Participant
Thank you for opening your home and your heart tonight.  The entire evening was nourishing - mind, body, and soul.  I almost didn’t come because group settings are way out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I did!  You are amazing and I can’t wait until the next class!  I walked in your door with my cup completely empty and left with it overflowing.  I’m thankful you have this vision of creating a community experience around preparing food and I’m so happy to have been a part of it.
— Monica, Workshop Participant
Kathleen!  You make the absolute best bone broth on the planet!  I just wanted to send a quick thank you to let you know how much I appreciate your big ol’ heart.  Seriously, if I were to be stranded on an island and could only eat one thing for the rest of my life ... it would be this.  Thank you.
— Jenny, Workshop Participant
I count myself as utterly and amazingly blessed to be a lucky recipient of your thoughtfulness and incredibly well researched and insightful teachings today.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
— Luna, Workshop Participant