Self Care Steam Package


Self Care Steam Package


Healthy cycles = Healthy you

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the menstrual cycle ...

so charged

so layered

so powerful

so illuminating

so NOT something our culture helps us learn about and pay attention to

I'm on a mission to change that.  Since discovering the tool of peri-steam hydrotherapy, I've become a disciple of the wisdom our menstrual cycles have for us.  Your cycle is a rich feedback system and only ever (usually) needs slight intervention in order for our bodies to function more optimally.  

All the things your period SHOULDN'T be:

  • a time of enhanced moodienss
  • a time of pain
  • a time of headaches / migraines
  • a time of bloat
  • a time of cramping
  • a time of overwhelm
  • a time of "power through"

And yet, the medical establishment at large has convinced us that not only is our period a time of enhanced suffering, but that it's normal.  IT'S NOT.

Our current model of care for these delicate, tender, sensitive (often traumatized) parts is incredibly sterile and "hands off."  Most of the time, your options for care include some type of surgical procedure or drugs, with very little in between.  The approach (called "Gynecology") is not only based in trauma (click here to read more about the "roots" of modern Gynecology), but doesn't factor in a woman's perspective about her unique history or her strong feelings about what could be going on.  


Women are void of tools that are approachable, non-invasive, and safe.  Until now - vaginal steaming can become a practice in your life that is not only symptom alleviating, but also hugely empowering, tending to the root of the root, and completely gentle, respectful and feminine in it's execution.

Your cycle has the ability to be regulated, to be symptom free, and even to be a time of intense reflection and opportunity to mine for insight.  YOU CAN ENJOY IT, and I can teach you how.

My three month care package includes a thorough evaluation of your cycle, and creation of a customized care plan for your vaginal steaming practice.  All of the steaming happens in the comfort of your home so that you have time, spaciousness and privacy.  Rental of the wooden steam sauna box is included in the package, as is the rental of an induction burner and a stainless steel herb pot.  I walk you through the entire plan and support you throughout your journey, re-evaluating your progress each month, making modifications and additions, as needed.  All of the organic herbs you'll need are also provided with the package (for steaming).

At the completion of the three months we re-assess.  You also have the option to purchase the steam sauna box, burner and herb pot at the completion of the three months.

What other gynecological symptoms does steaming help with?

  • fibroids
  • endometriosis
  • cysts
  • pcos
  • polyps
  • irregular cycles
  • cramping
  • pms
  • infertility
  • infections
  • dryness
  • low libido
  • prolapse (bladder, uterus)
  • hemorrhoids

**Please be advised that it can take up to four weeks for a spot to open up in my schedule.  I do my very best to accommodate everyone quickly and efficiently, but there can be a several weeks long wait from your date of purchase.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility.