Majestic Unicorn Tea

Majestic Unicorn Tea


This beautiful tea is sourced locally when possible, wildcrafted, organic, blessed by a shamanic princess and then scooped into little 8oz. glass jars.  It is full of goodness and free of all negativity*.  Prepared locally in Asheville by Monica Bethelwood, this tea is literally an infusion of power, pleasure and clarity.  

Monica is a talented local musician, tea aficionado, early childhood educator, artist, and tarot goddess.  She agreed to help me make this tea, representative of the spirit of my Majestic Unicorn brand after we had a tarot session together.  She explained that she loved to make follow up teas based on your tarot session.  I was confused, but delighted, and she elaborated that she channels the energy from the reading and pours it into a custom tea blend that you then drink for several weeks after your reading.  This lets the energy from the reading "steep" and gently infuses the teachings into your life and heart.  Genius!!

To check out Monica's other offerings, or schedule a tarot reading (available virtually or in person!!), please visit her website at

It is with great pleasure that I offer this delightful, powerful tea to you!  Enjoy!!


*Free of negativity means that while the tea is not "certified organic" or "certified non-GMO," we are certain of its exquisite quality.  No parabens, herbicides, synthetic chemicals, organic chemicals, weird genetic mutations or pesticides were used; nor were any animals harmed in the sourcing, production and assembly of this tea.  We've got all that jazz covered, 'cause we love Mama Earth and all of her creatures.

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Notes from Monica, the Tea Maker:

Oatstraw: Added to all my herbal infusions, oatstraw is a gentle and powerful support to the nervous system. In our society, we suffer from nearly constant high stress levels. Oatstraw taken over time rebuilds exhausted nervous systems and gives lift to foggy, depressed moods. 

Alfalfa: Who could have a Unicorn blend without some Unicorn (or horse!) food? Alfalfa is where horses get their "horse power" from, as it is jam packed with vitamins and minerals. Like oatstraw, alfalfa doesn't add much flavor to the blend but acts as a background support. It is very good for tired or sick bodies needing a boost!

Tulsi: Also known as Holy Basil, this powerful and revered herb helps individuals achieve inner peace and clarity of mind. A mellow taste with a slight spiciness to it, I find Tulsi essential for spiritual and creative work. 

Raspberry Leaf: Although raspberry leaf is certainly not limited to use by women, I find myself always considering it a women's herb. Why? Because it nurtures our reproductive health! Since our reproductive organs contain a lot of repressed energy of the first and second chakra, raspberry leaf helps unlock and relax these areas so our energy can flow. 

Ginger: A root herb, ginger is super sexy in it's spiciness and beloved in it's calming effects on the stomach (as well as being a great aid during cold and flu season!!). This brings the heat in the MJ blend, but in a very grounded way. Heat is akin to fire, which is akin to transformation! 

Calendula: A gorgeous and prolific plant, calendula is renowned in the herbal world for its healing properties. Often added to skin salves and creams, calendula aids in calming inflammation. Inflammation in the energetic sense can represent fear, anger, and other more uncomfortable emotions. Calendula helps sooth us and remind us of our right to inner child joy and excitement! 

Rose: Oh, the loveliness of the rose! Timeless in it's representation of love and beauty. In the MJ blend, it does just the same. The essential oils released within the hot water act as aromatherapy in opening up the heart to a deeper experience of universal and self love.

Hibiscus: Rich in vitamin C and packed with antioxidants, this tart flower brings the flavor in any herbal blend! Hibiscus is wonderful for the body, but also excellent for the mind. Hibiscus helps groggy minds become alert, and opens pathways for clear communication.