Postpartum Bundle

Postpartum Bundle


Fifty days of steaming during your immediate postpartum time in the comfort of your nest at home. All of the support, customized organic herbal formulas and love for you and your wee one. So. Much. Love.

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Steaming Postpartum


Traditionally, women have used vaginal steaming postpartum in nearly every culture on the planet.  The gentle action of steam provides much needed warmth to your womb which only very recently was home to another small human.  This space requires warming action to keep the energy of wind from interfering with your health postpartum.  

Vaginal steam is the most gentle, non-invasive form of cleansing, restoring and tightening that exists.  It helps you to shed excess lochia* and works to create tone and remove old residue.  But mostly, it just feels good and right to do it.

Women the world over have enjoyed some form of vaginal steaming after the birth of children.  It serves as an important closure to the rite of passage that is motherhood, childbearing, moving from maiden into mother. 

I recommend to all women that they steam consecutively for forty days, beginning on day four of their postpartum period.  

If you delivered your baby via c-section, you need to wait until week 5 of your postpartum time to begin steaming.  Especially in the instance of a c-section, vaginal steaming can help to re-acquaint you with your physical anatomy and assist the body in receiving the memo that we have delivered this baby and now it is time to shed and heal.



Included in Your Bundle:

  • A wooden steam sauna box ~ locally made and finished with organic bees wax

  • Induction heating element for steam sauna box

  • Stainless steel herb pot for organic herbal formulas

  • A home visit prenatally to set up the steam chair and answer any questions

  • Immediate postpartum visit (1-5 days after giving birth) to assist in setting up first steam and be a source of support

  • Four home visits postpartum (one each week for four weeks) to check in

  • A fifty-day supply of your own customized, organic herbal steam blend

  • Ongoing email and telephone support for up to six months postpartum

  • A 5% discount on customized herbal steam blends

**Please be advised that it can take up to four weeks for a spot to open up in my schedule.  I do my very best to accommodate everyone quickly and efficiently, but there can be a several weeks long wait from your date of purchase.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility.