september ritual bath

september ritual bath


A space for intimate self-care: body, mind & spirit, in Hot Springs, NC

nudity encouraged ~ swim-wear optional

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The Ritual Bath


Bathing for purification, to quiet the system, to commune with the divine ... has been practiced for centuries.  The soothing, invigorating and life-giving qualities of water make it one of the most revered elements in existence.  It is with joy and desire for authentic healing that we gather, intentionally, to anoint and celebrate the turning of the wheel this September.

We will begin this evening ritual two nights prior to the September full moon - the Harvest Moon - when we are full of our wisdom, full of our intuitive impulses - filled to bursting with the feelings we are feeling.  Bring your overwhelm, bring your anxiety, bring your fear - so you can begin to move it - out of you, away from your tender heart.  You've grown it all, now time to Harvest.  Glean the grain from the chaff, sift, sit with, see what's left. 


Harvest.  Process.  Grieve.  Renew.

You will receive an herb-infused, natural mineral and salt scrub to begin the process of exfoliating, of feeling, locating feelings of grief, overwhelm, too much, you name it, in your body; blessing the message and hearing its wisdom - then tenderly inviting it out.  You will step into the soothing warm waters of the natural hot springs, surrounded by women of like mind.  You will be guided through a simple, powerful ritual to process any element of grief in your life, utilizing the sacred, healing mineral rich spring water as a medium for purification and renewal.

Tarot Goddess, Monica Bethelwood, will help officiate and provide collective and personalized insight into next steps, using the wisdom and guidance of her spirit guides and tarot deck.

Organic light snacks, organic wine, sparkling water and organic fresh fruit and raw veggies will also be provided.


September 22, 2018

5:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Hot Springs Resort & Spa, Hot Springs, NC