six month program

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6 month program graphic_sexy.jpg

six month program



The Six Month, Sexy Pants Program is designed to bring ease, joy and playfulness into the manifestation process of your health and wellness goals.  

It is an opportunity for growth, reflection, and change at a pace that feels good and right to you.

You talk, I listen.  We work together to create a more optimal state of health for your body - your physical, emotional and deeply spiritual body.

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A lot can happen in Six Months ...

why not set yourself up for success?

Showering your most personal health and wellness desires with all of the love and support makes tons of sense if lasting change and personal awareness is what you are seeking.

Here's what you get:

  • Initial hour-long Health History session with Kathleen.  (this is a simple, pleasurable check-in about where you've been and where you want to go.)
  • Twice monthly, 50 minute health coaching appointments, for a period of 6 total months
  • All of my email love
  • Pantry Walk-through*
  • Refrigerator Walk-through*
  • Fresh, weekly access to super fun, inspiring and informative new video content from my Becoming a Kitchen Goddess** program.  This includes cooking skills demos, meal preparation help and ideas, and bountiful food related learning opportunities.  Becoming a Kitchen Goddess is all about reclamation and integration of the lost sacred during the act of conscious food preparation.  It's about being tuned in and turned on.  You're gonna love it.

Value . Investment . Love 

(You get ALL of the love my dears).

Your investment of $689.00 for the Six Month Program provides you with 25+ hours of coaching support.

Bundling into the Six Month Program means a savings of over $800 compared to the regular, hourly cost of a similar program.

These frequent, recurring, personal coaching appointments during your very full month creates predictable opportunities for support, inspiration and MORE JOY. 

Online video content from my Becoming a Kitchen Goddess program allows you the flexibility to learn and expand at your leisure and convenience.  

The highly personal element of individualized coaching combines with the self-serve environment of the internet for maximum positive impact.

= more joy for you






*For my clients who are NOT local to Asheville, these sessions can be done virtually, via the telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

**You're getting a Sneak Peek at my Becoming a Kitchen Goddess program!  This is brand new and hasn't been offered ever before!