Steam Time, Dream Time


Steam Time, Dream Time


A Full Moon, Mama + Baby, Vaginal Steam Experience for Postpartum Healing.

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keli garza, my teacher, and founder of steamy chick

keli garza, my teacher, and founder of steamy chick

full moon . safety . healing

postpartum vaginal steam session for mamas up to two years postpartum

~ nursing lap babies are invited to join their mamas ~

Relax and rejuvenate while practicing the ages old tradition of Yoni steaming.  This amazing healing therapy utilizes gentle steam with organic herbs specific to postpartum healing.  Peri-steam hydrotherapy reduces inflammation, cleanses and heals the vulva and any external tears or sutures.  The non-invasive action of gentle steam also reaches up into the vaginal canal to tighten and heal tender tissue, bringing gentle awareness, circulation and relaxation.  Beyond the vaginal canal, steam reaches up through the cervix into the uterus to help release any remaining lochia*, also working on old scar tissue and residue, and generally clearing away and rejuvenating your entire reproductive system.  And those are just the physical benefits

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Coming together in community with the stated purpose of healing during your postpartum period is the more powerful, profound and life affirming emotional benefit.  Taking a two hour break from the narrow definition of postpartum healing which our culture has given us is the larger benefit.  Claiming this quiet, reflective, deeply vulnerable time is the most enormous benefit of the Full Moon Steam Circle. 





This Monthly Full Moon Circle is perfect for you if:

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  • You've delivered a baby vaginally, and are at least four days postpartum

  • You've delivered a baby via c-section, and are at least five weeks postpartum

  • You're experiencing amenorrhea** due to breastfeeding (if you have resumed menstruation, don't sign up for this group steam session.  Your steam plan will be unique to you.  Please click here to learn about in home, personalized, steam care.  Or, if you're interested in the full forty day postpartum steam plan click here.)

  • You're interested in enhancing and optimizing your physical and emotional recovery postpartum

  • You desire a safe place for tears, reflection, laughter, empathy and the energy of other like-minded mamas

  • You desire a container for connection postpartum


why steam?

The gentle, non-invasive action of steam instigates healing in many ways:

  1. Next-level cleansing.  Steam penetrates more deeply than water alone.  When something's really delicate or really filthy, what do we do?  We steam clean it ... Just saying. 
  2. Creates movement.  The action of steam is energy producing and creates movement.  Movement increases blood circulation.  Optimal circulation = optimal healing.
  3. Can lift things.  The action of steam is strong enough to lift solid objects.  'Nuff said.
  4. Tightens.  Tightens skin while toning it.  
  5. Can open things.  Steam can literally remove glue.  Excellent at removing old menstrual residue, as well as lochia from pregnancy.
  6. Warming - it heats.  So many of our gynecological issues are rooted in poor circulation - too much cold and damp.


with the fullness of the moon we honor the fullness of life and our own fullness and rightness with the universe.



blessed be.



*lochia is the vaginal discharge after giving birth (puerperium) containing blood, mucus, and uterine tissue.

** amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation (your period)