Yoni Steam Herbs

Yoni Steam Herbs


Beautiful bulk herbs are coming your way!

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Gorgeous & Organic Herbal Steam

Select either my signature Unicorn blend (pictured), or opt for your very own customized mixture!

Roughly twelve cups of your herbal blend is included in either a half gallon glass jar (if you’re local to Asheville), or packaged into a non-breakable sealed bag and shipped to your home.

All of my herbs are locally sourced when possible, certified organic and lab tested to make certain your are steaming with only the purest botanicals possible.

Signature Unicorn Blend:

This blend was designed to nourish your spiritual, emotional and physical unicorn, utilizing botanicals that feed the blood, support the feminine organs, and gently warm the system.

  • oatstraw

  • alfalfa

  • red raspberry leaf

  • ginger

  • hibiscus

  • nettle

  • rose petal

  • mugwort

  • calendula