Vaginal Steam Hydrotherapy

Peri-Steam Hydrotherapy (aka Vaginal Steaming, aka Yoni Steaming) is an ages old, ancient self-care and healing technique utilized by women in virtually every country around the world.  It is a non-invasive, dare I say pleasurable, and extremely empowering practice that brings circulation and loving attention to organs associated with the female reproductive, sensual and sexual systems.

(this is my teacher, Keli Garza)


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My teacher, Keli Garza, and her  Steamy Chick  Vaginal Steam Sauna

My teacher, Keli Garza, and her Steamy Chick Vaginal Steam Sauna

I am super jazzed to offer this new service of peri-steam hydrotherapy to the women of Asheville.  Vaginal steaming can be used to treat, heal and salve a variety of issues that stem from the general avoidance of our feminine reproductive, sensual, sexual organs.  Vaginal steaming has been shown to be effective and safe for women throughout their lives, from just before Menarche all the way through to Post Menopausal.  Steaming is a relevant, therapeutic and healing practice that promotes self-knowledge, empowerment and a deeper understanding of the cyclical nature of being a woman.



in home, personalized care

I offer menstrual care on a one to one basis.  Every woman has different needs when it comes to vaginal steaming.  My recommendations, steam protocols and accompanying herbs are specific to your symptoms, issues and desires.  A woman with the desire to conceive has a very different steam plan than a woman with chronic Bacterial Vaginosis.  I analyze your cycle, create a steam plan and provide all of the materials you'll need for three months of in home treatment.  To learn more, click below.



make true healing your first priority during the fourth trimester

Vaginal steaming postpartum is an important, necessary form of self-care.  Daily steaming for a minimum of thirty days with custom, organic herbal blends is a gentle, powerful cleansing method - helping to heal tender tissues that may have been stretched, torn or otherwise wounded during the birth.  Steaming helps to stimulate a full uterine cleanse and aids in the release of any remaining lochia after your baby is born.  The action of steam is lifting, which is wonderful to help prevent your vulnerable organs from prolapse.  It tightens tissue within the vaginal canal, which also helps to prevent any prolapse and tones the entire pelvic bowl.  The action of steam is also, of course, deeply warming, which is one of the main priorities in postpartum healing and care - warming the mother - as she is especially susceptible to cold and wind after giving birth.  Also, it feels amazing and gives comfort emotionally during a time when women are especially porous and need as much sealing, warming and support as possible.




the vagina is a self-cleansing organ.  we shouldn't mess with it, we need to leave it alone so it can do its job.

Yes, your vagina has superpowers.  Totally, absolutely, 100%.

Your vagina is amazing.  

And also, like any organ system that interfaces with the world and helps to process emotional and physical trauma and joy, it might benefit from some gentle support.  Your vaginal environment seeks to maintain balance, seeks to promote healthy flora, seeks to maintain flexibility for optimum pleasure during arousal and orgasm ... Your feminine anatomy is nothing short of a miracle - a beautiful, functional, wise, time-tested and powerful system of life bringing, adaptability, and change.  And yet, our culture wastes no time to remind us that we should not, under any circumstances, participate in any rituals of cleansing or nurturing this most sacred and special environment.  Hands off ladies!  The only folks allowed "down there" are those with white coats and Doctoral diplomas.  

And yet, when you get constipated, when you experience troubles with that basic body system, what do you do?  You get some hydrotherapy, you eat some prunes, you double up on your probiotics, you go get it checked out via a colonoscopy - whatever.   There isn't an expectation around any other organ system that you restrain from gentle self-treatment the way there is with ladies and their vaginas.

Your vagina is magical.  And steaming only serves to enhance, illuminate and empower that innately wise and wonderful system.


my menses are great, why on earth would i add in peri-steam hydrotherapy?

Congrats on beautiful Menses!  Let's check in about what that looks like.  The entire premise of vaginal steaming is based on the understanding that there is only one way a healthy period should look:

  • Your cycle should last 28, 29, or 30 days
  • The duration of your menses should be 4 days long
  • The color of your menses should be fresh and red from beginning to end
  • There should be a medium flow
  • There should be no pain, clots, cramps or PMS symptoms

If your cycle doesn't look like this, you could benefit from vaginal steaming.


why would vaginal steaming make such a profound difference?

The basic answer is that bringing more circulation to an area of our body that doesn't receive a lot of circulation is really life-affirming and healing.

A more in-depth answer is that through the process of implementing a steaming protocol or practice (customized to meet your individual needs), you not only bring circulation to the exterior portions of your genitalia and vaginal canal, but beyond the cervix and up into the uterine cavity and beyond.  Helping to bring change to long-standing issues that might otherwise "require" surgery - endometriosis, infertility, cysts, clots, fibroids, etc.  

When something needs to be cleaned really carefully and really well - what do we use?  

We always use steam.  Steam is gentle, non-invasive, thorough and simple. 



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