lean in,


snuggle up,

prepare to be held,


Because you deserve it.  Because none of us has all of the answers.  Because proper support works like that $150 LaPerla bra:  it is sexy and empowering.

People want coaching, there's this whole industry around it now.  They want LIFE coaches and HEALTH coaches and BUSINESS coaches.  I love the idea of support, but I have this problem with the word  "coaching."  For me, it evokes memories of uptight men with really high socks and all too short-shorts with whistles and b.o.... They're clapping loudly and yelling directions at you.  No.  (Said with love to all the high school track and field coaches out there).

I remember learning in a childbirth class about the sphincter muscles that make labor and birth possible in a woman's body, and how idiotic it seemed that there existed a whole culture around "coaching" women through labor and delivery.  Support = yes, holy hell, yes.  Coaching = eyebrow goes up, word choice?  Um... do you need coaching every time you poop?  Same muscles folks, same muscles.  No coaching necessary.  Just support.  Good support that feels good to you.  We are so capable, and become even more capable when we have good, loving, nurturing support.

To me, the word "coaching" brings up an idea that someone else has the answers.  In that frame of mind, we are encouraged to keep looking outside of ourselves for someone else to fill us up.  Yes, a great coach can certainly help keep you on track, can provide guidance, and help to hold you accountable - good stuff, all of it.  However, more than being talked to and talked at, I feel like we need more opportunities to be HEARD.  To be heard with compassion and with neutrality.  To be deeply listened to.  To have the opportunity to lean into our deepest feelings and desires.  To check in with our bodies about how things feel.  To have gentle and compassionate accountability modeled and practiced.  The Love-in.  Yes, that feels better.

So I decided to call my style of non-coaching the "love-in."  A time when you get "in" and cuddle up with the big feelings.  A time for being held emotionally and having a safe container to express along with some gentle support.  This is my iteration of the traditional "coaching" model.  My approach is organic.  It's not trade-marked or sold by a multi-level-marketing machine; it is conceived and applied individually for each human individual who wants to work with me.  I want to help.  I want to help the most.  I think listening helps the most.  Listening, support, encouragement.  The "being there-ness" for someone is that BIG.

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